**Published June 26. It’s June 24. We’ve been in major national parks for the last week, with no way to communicate with all of you back home, much less publish anything on here. When I could get 4G to work, I became aware of the Charleston church massacre, watching it unfold bits at a time … More everything.

wide open.

Wow. Just wow. Where to even start. We’re in Bakersfield. Yep, we made it to California. I think we passed the point of no return a thousand miles or so ago, but now, having made it (almost) to the halfway mark of the trip, there’s truly no turning back. We have to continue in order … More wide open.

1000 miles.

Day two dawned bright and sweaty in South Carolina. We headed down to the complimentary breakfast at the hotel and shared our excitement about the adventure we’d finally begin today (the one we planned, anyway). We talked about the Mississippi River and the Grand Canyon, ancient trees and swanky Chicago hotels. And we talked about … More 1000 miles.

fractures, and kindness.

The weeks leading up to this day โ€“ the first day of our cross-country tour โ€“ have been challenging emotionally. I’ve swung from giddy excitement to downright panic in a matter of moments: imagining gorgeous New Mexico sunsets, grazing bison, and impressive outcroppings of granite one minute, then envisioning flat tires, bear attacks, and strep … More fractures, and kindness.